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Cover Up That Naked Body.

"I never believed that words from a man could break my heart that much." Funke continued her story. "Right from my secondary school days, I started sleeping with my class teacher, so when I gained admission into the university, I continued with my lecturers so as to clear all my outstanding courses. But that day, he saw me standing by the corner of a lecture hall pinging. He stared at me, which I noticed, so I quickly took another position for him to have a good look at me. In less than two minutes, he was already walking towards my direction. I smiled a bit, thinking that he will be a new catch, but was he?"
"Hi, young lady," he called out. "Why are you not in the hall whereas your course mates are busy learning?"
"Good morning Sir," I replied. "I came in late so I couldn't enter the lecture hall." I lied.
"Is alright, he replied, but would you mind coming to my office with me? I would like to have a talk with you." I accepted his request, and followed him to his office. His office was just ten steps away from my lecture hall, so in a moment, I was seated in his office.

Like other lecturers, he offered me a soft drink just to get me relaxed as he discussed with me. Prior before this time, I left my hostel with a mission, I dressed in a seductive manner. My tight bum short was just covering my below the waist region, with a fine revealing blue top to blend everything. As usual, I had my breast pushed out a little bit just to entice guys who were interested in them, and my makeup, though lightly applied, but tempting. Indeed, I was ready for my street business, yes I derive pleasure when men drop at me more than two looks, or lust after me.

When he started talking, his first statement made me conclude that he was not different from other lecturers I have slept with, so I was having it in mind that I was going to suck his pocket dry if care was not taking. But I was so wrong. This was not a man that was after a lady's pant, he had his own mission which was to rescue lives from the doom of hell.
"You are a pretty lady." He started.
"The last two minutes I spent before I walked down to you should be dedicate to you because I spent all of it just staring at you."
"You are indeed beautiful, but I found a fault in you." He added.
I was shocked at this very last statement, so I asked
"A fault you said?"
"What fault Sir?"
Then he quietly continued

"You see young lady, for those two minutes I spent staring at you, I saw your beauty fading away. I saw all that made you a beautiful young lady in just two minutes, and I was done. Then I ask myself, what will a young lady like you be looking for in this life that she will have to expose her private body part, most especially her breast before the public? What does she want to get from a guy that she cannot get from God Almighty - The Giver of everything? This is one of the things God endowed you with, to beautify you and to make you appreciate His creative hands that formed you, but you are selling it so cheap. How come anybody can see it so easily? How come you don't value this great beauty from God? See how your thighs are begging for covering, i guess they have suffered from the sun and from many strange eyes so much that they no longer look attractive as they were when you first unveiled them. God actually beautified you, so that you will be irresistible before your husband when the right time comes. But when I saw you, as a man I lost my appetite, and same will happen to every reasonable man that sees you. 1940s vintage inspire wedding wears

If I had seen all of these in the wife I married, then there should have been nothing left for me to long after before our wedding night. I cry for you silently, but I know you can become expensive again if only you will surrender your life to Jesus and cover up your naked body which is His temple. You can change this way of life, Jesus will not reject you if you offer your life to Him at this point." He concluded.

My heart sank, in shame I bowed my head. "Please pray with me sir for God's mercy," I requested, and that began my new life in Christ

Are you a young lady, and this is the kind of life you live in school or where ever you stay? Why bring shame to the Hand that formed you? Why allow the beautiful creative work of the Hand of God to take part in an unholy work of darkness? Why do you keep exposing that which you have to preserve for your future husband? And could it be that you are already defiling it sexually with men who don't even value its worth? Please know that you are selling your future today.

Are you a young man, who is always interested in a lady's pant, why can't you see that there is a trap there? Why pour the precious seed from your loins into the wrong womb just for pleasure? Will you zip up and cover up please? Why not surrender your life and allow God to redirect your steps again. You can cope without a girlfriend, it's only for a while. Give it a try and God will strengthen your effort. God bless.