Best Flower Girl Dresses 2020

Good Morning FACEBOOK! Ladies let's chop it up this THURSDAY Morning, let's see if we can HELP EACH OTHER OUT TODAY, rather than PUSH, SHOVE, TEAR EACH OTHER DOWN!!! This goes for me as well.....

1. As Females we tend to HATE ON EACH OTHER, we do all the time!!! You/Me/Us can see another Female walk in a room, dressed HEAD TO TOE, and we will notice the smallest thing to criticize her for, like "GIRL YOU SEE THAT CHIP TOE NAIL POLISH ON HER RIGHT PINKY TOE" stop it!

2. Most t ... imes we take SELFIES or Pictures we make sure to look our best!!! This gives the impression that yeah we look good, all is always well to the physical eyes, and we are dying a SPIRITUAL DEATH, you do know we need to die to our flesh daily so the spirit of love will come thru. I love SELFIES, however sometimes we need to take a SELFIE OF THE INSIDE, the outer appearance may fool others but what's inside is what matters and other Females need to see and know GOD IS STILL WORKING ON US ALL FROM INSIDE OUT!!!!! Look at the picture I posted above!!!!!

3. By no means are we perfect, and we gone get stuff wrong, we not gone always do or say the right things, but we need not be so quick to judge other FEMALES and point fingers at THEM just because we have become PROFESSIONAL COVER UP QUEENS!!!! We know how to keep our MESS COVERED UP, but GREAT AT TRYING TO EXPOSE OTHERS, y'all do know that's what's called a HYPOCRITE???? I am guilty as charged........

4. Ladies, you do realize we hold ALL THE POWER! Huh? Yep, Yep, Yep, why would you knowingly be a SIDE PIECE? It's cute, it's secretive, it's fun? Ya'll SIDE CHICKS like Halloween Candy at Christmas, you remember you opened your Christmas Gift on December 26th, and it was some candy that said "Boo" and he said it says BOO CAUSE YOU HIS BOO, no it says "Boo" cause it's old Halloween Candy!!!! Oh yeah and remember you opened it the day after Christmas cause he had to be with his Family on Christmas. Stop settling for less, value yourself and demand the respect you deserve!!!! DON'T Give that KINDA OF POWER TO A GUY!!!! You not the first and will not be the last SIDE PIECE, you probably ain't even the #1 SIDE PIECE!!!!!! Best Flower Girl Dresses 2020

5. Finally, whatever you put out is what will come back to you. You put out negative energy, that's what will come back, if you put out positive energy that's what will come back. Pray in ALL THINGS, try and be better than the day before. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff! You may not have what you want, but I guarantee GOD will give you exactly what you NEED.

Live, Laugh, and Love, enjoy this life for what you have! Let folks talk, it's ok, you just keep it moving, and don't second guess yourself, TRUST YOUR GUT, that's a special gift GOD GAVE US WOMEN! Ladies go into this weekend with a SMILE AND A Thank you for all things and watch what happens!!!!

Thank you God for opening my eyes...........

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