Bridesmaid Dresses 2020

Having spent the year on the road visiting stores and at various trade exhibitions I am very aware of the problems boutiques are facing with selling on their samples.
This year in particular has seen difficult times for bridal retailers and in particular when it comes to selling off samples.
During the summer We were approached by Lorraine...... founder of as to what we thought about her new website focused purely on selling discounted samples.
Lorraine has been working on the site for 2 years now and successfully launched in Ireland 6 months ago.
The stores in Ireland who have signed up to the site are already having great success and have continued their subscription each month.
We are absolutely delighted to work alongside Lorraine in promoting what is an exceptionally easy tool.
It is a fantastic product ready to go at the right time for stores who need to clear their samples in time for the new collections arriving, and appealing to those brides who are currently buying from the likes of WED 2B. Bridesmaid Dresses 2020
The sign up is simple, and the costs are low. To get on board all you need to do it click on the website and register as a seller not a bride and you are off !! The Bridal Village

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