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Get Over It!! by Diane Ginn

People tell me...
'Just put your past behind you and get on with living'
'Or don't let others ruin your life' ...
'You are better than them'
'Just put it out of your mind'

It seems so simple doesn't it?

Just to shut the door.

And walk away.

Do I like being a victim?
Do I like saying I can't because of..?
Do I like reliving the past?
Do I enjoy not trusting others or myself?
Do I sit there every night finding memories to taunt myself with?
Do I like being jolted by a memory when my child would like a sleepover?
Do I like people talking happy memories about their parents and happy memories of childhood?
Do I like celebrating birthdays and Christmas without a sadness to what I didn't get?
Do I enjoy it when my son can't see nanny or grandad?
Do I like it when my child wants to go somewhere with someone I don't know and I sit worrying whether that person is a pedophile?
Do I like feeling afraid and scared and my heart thumping so fast every time I in a crowd?
Do I like being scared and acting stupid over silly little things that any one could accomplish?

No no no no no no!

I don't want to be like this!

And I would do anything to take the pain and heartache away

All I know is what I know

I know the struggle and conviction it takes to live a life like mine everyday.

And I'm sorry if some people don't like it but I know what I know because someone took it upon themselves to steal my innocence and my childhood.

But they picked the wrong one!

I will not stay silent.

I will not be a good girl and shut up.

I know what it's like to be a victim and the struggle forever afterwards.

I know the adult who never gets over it.

But I also know myself and know I am strong and have wisdom.

I was chosen as a victim but I now choose to be a survivor and I will fight my fight for the future of ours and others who were not given that choice. Dorris Wedding colored wedding wears for over size ladies

This is my choice now to fight to be a survivor.

I did not choose to be a victim

And I don't think anybody chooses to a be a victim.

A victim needs help understanding and compassion from someone who knows what they have suffered and experienced.

Not be told to shut up and get over it.

So please in future support the survivor by not telling them to get over it!

Thank you

Diane Ginn -

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