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Person A: "Aditi, are you really serious about modelling? You do realize that girls your size don't do that well in this industry, right?"

Person B: "Dude, you're 76 kilos. You're literally a baby elephant. You're so not fit to be a model."

Person C: "You're fat AND you walk like Madhubala. Do you want me to say more or is this enough?"

Fast forward a couple of years into the future.

Person A, B and C: "We always knew you had it in you. We always thought you're so pretty and tall. Of course modelling is the right career for you!"

Back in 2015, I weighed 76 kilos, had no idea what a catwalk looked like much less how it was done, used to dress almost identical to my brother, had absolutely zero sense of style and fashion and did I mention I weighed 76 kilos? It's August of 2017 now, and I can proudly say that I've been busy as a bee working towards bettering myself each day since then.

The journey of becoming a 59 kilo girl from a 76 kilo boy hasn't been hearts, flowers and rainbows and there were days where I felt that I made a mistake and chose a wrong career for myself; that people were right and that I was NOT model material.

Whether it was practicing my walk for hours at a stretch, eating healthy, or sweating it out at the gym and taking up swimming to reduce my weight, I've enjoyed every bit of it. I'm not saying it wasn't hard. It was every bit as hard as it sounds, but I guess the fruit of labor is sweeter when you've given it your all. The best part is that my family and the few close friends that I have have supported me through it all.

The passion that I have for modelling has led me to believe that nothing is impossible. It has led me to not only become more healthy and fit (both physically and mentally) but has also inspired me to develop a more positive and optimistic outlook towards everything life sends my way. Being on the ramp and in front of the camera gives me immense joy, a newfound energy and peace of mind. I'd say that I've been a busy bee and spent the last couple of years testing my limits, making myself tougher than the day before and bettering every aspect of my personality. Dorris Wedding flower girl collections with lace

I hope to reach out to girls and boys alike and make them realize the importance of self esteem and to make them understand that anything is possible if they believe in themselves.

You can and you will if you think you can.

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