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Stephen Kings, "The Tommyknockers" was an incredible book. It was huge and hard to put down--I finished it in a day way back when I was a teenager. I watched the movie shortly after and was beyond disappointed--it did NOT even begin to hold a candle to the book! Not even close! With that said, this Dark Tower movie is just that...I can feel it and I'm scared to see how much they've ruined my ALL TIME favorite books. So.....if you're a true fan,as I am, and have lived,loved, and died with these characters for 20+ years and are ok with this shit storm of a movie just to see 95 minutes of actors loosely portraying those in the books, then you have forgotten the face of your father. Dorris Wedding short wears in white

With that said....I will at some point watch the movie and let that disappointment sink in, but those of you out there saying that us true fans are 'over reacting' and we should 'just be glad it got made at all' have all gone full 19 (never go full 19)

The Tower trembles; the worlds shudder in their courses. The rose feels a chill, as of winter. But Ka is a wheel and there will be water if god wills it.