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How To Have Beautiful Feet For Your Wedding Day- The $5 Foot Remedy!
By MPuryear

I posted an article a year ago for my brides about preparing for the perfect wedding feet. I can say that the suggestions in that article work! So I wanted to share my tips on how the suggestions in the former article have worked for me and share those tips again. Please brides try this at home remedy if you have have spent more than $10 on your feet but haven't found a solution yet. You will be beautiful long dresses ... amazed and so will your groom-to-be!

This recipe softens the skin while sloughing off the the calloused dead skin. Also if your heels are cracked, this will help to heal your heels in no time.

1. plastic basin. (Dollar Tree)
2. mouthwash such as Listerine. (Dollar Tree)
3. Epsom Salt ( Dollar Tree)
4. A small towel (Dollar Tree)
5.A moisturizing Lotion (Dollar Tree)
6. Pair of socks

Pour 1/4 of the mouthwash in a basin
Add 5 tbsp. of Epsom salt
Add 2 cups of warm tap water

Make sure your heels are immersed on the back and sides in this basin mixture.
Sit back and relax with your feet submerged for 15 minutes.
Rinse, dry and apply lotion and socks.

Repeat foot soak at least 3 times a week.

Before using any products you may be allergic to, do a spot test to ensure there isn't an uncomfortable reaction. Those who suffer with Diabetes or a degenerative condition please consult with your doctor before trying this at-home remedy.

If you do not have many of the items above but you do have the mouthwash, go ahead and work with what you have. The mouthwash is the key ingredient to sloughing away the unsightly dead skin on your feet. The other ingredients just assist in the moisture part of the regimen. So there's no wrong way to go about this.

Please like and share with other brides, bridesmaids, or why not the groom and groomsmen. After all men could use a foot soak or two.

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