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Yesterday I posted about shakes that contain SUGAR ( # beachbody # shakeology ). But what about shakes that contain STEVIA?

There is an active debate going on about whether or not STEVIA is good/bad for you.

My thoughts? It is still a PROCESSED food (you are not eating a stevia plant, you are eating a processed form of a plant derivative.. a matching description you could us on the sweetener derived from Saccharum officinarum - SUGAR cane)


If you are ADDICTED to sugar (and, without you getting defensive, it is very likely that you are) stevia can be how you justify getting your sweet-hit. It is far better to remove all sweeteners (yes, stevia/agave/maple syrup/honey too) so that you can retrain your brain.

Whatever your thoughts on stevia I recommend the article below to understand why you may want to use caution. Practice being aware of HOW MUCH stevia you are consuming each day and ask yourself WHY or if you find it necessary. If you find yourself saying that you DESERVE a treat or that you CANNOT live without it...well, you might just be nurturing a sugar addiction. black dress for wedding

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