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The Best Solution to two thorny problems that encompasses a bipartisan compromise, and preserves our Creator endowed unalienable rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS!

Mussolini-like Leftist Fascists are apoplectic about President Trump's plan to reduce by about 40% the number of Green Cards issued per annum to Legal Immigrants from foreign nations, and to award these Green Cards based upon a Point System that gives preference to people who speak English (taught in schools and spoken in over 60 nations worldwide), have a good education, have good-paying job offers in the U.S., want to come here and invest their money to start their own businesses, and won't be dependent upon our nation's Welfare System. In short, with a population of 325,000,000, America needs fewer immigrants and the ones we need most are those with education, skills, English acumen, a desire to assimilate, and capital of their own to invest here, helping Make America Great Again.

This will slow the growth of the overall population in the U.S., aided by the yooge reduction in Illegal Alien immigration plus deportation of Illegal Aliens already here, which will help our environment by reducing the stress that hundreds of millions of people place on it with their individual and corporate carbon footprints - something that Far Leftists have been crying for for decades. Still, some Far Leftists fear this will slow the growth of the USA too much and thus we'll need to compensate by some other means of population growth. Surely, a well enforced program that issues temporary visas to foreign migrant workers for seasonal work should be considered.

Likewise, America can stand to increase her indigenous population through the births of more American citizens on our soil. Our nation would benefit most if the large majority of these new citizens were born "natural born citizens" - babies born on U.S. soil to two (2) American citizen parents.

This can be accomplished by passage, enactment, and enforcement of a Life At Conception Act which will legally codify all Homo sapiens of every age and in any venue as Persons protected under the 14th amendment, and not just those who are born at 24 weeks of age and older, but not those killed in utero between the ages of about 6 weeks and 30-something weeks.

America can add up to another 1,000,000 American citizens per annum just by extending Personhood and American citizenship protected under the 14th amendment to every unborn child gestating in a womb upon American soil. We can induce this natural population growth by incentivizing OB/GYNs not to poison, suction, slice, dice, dismember, and bloody exsanguinate to death unborn children by assuring them they will lose their medical licenses, be fined, and/or incarcerated for a 2nd infraction. We can offer similar incentives to pregnant women.

To help ProAbortion women of child-bearing age who have come to demand and rely upon the State for all kinds of aid simply to live, we can promise them that their insurance plans, unlike Planned Parenthood, will pay for and provide prenatal, maternity, and postnatal care, and non-abortifacient birth control. Additionally, every woman who births her baby alive but does not choose to love, nurture, and succor her precious child created in the Imago Dei until emancipation, will be guaranteed the right to give up her baby for adoption immediately after birth to one of 2,000,000 loving, heterosexual married couples waiting to adopt newborns, some of whom are trying to adopt Russian babies because too many American women kill their babies before birth, but are being turned away because of Barack Hussein Obama's refusal to ease up on enforcing, or repeal altogether, the Magnitsky Act, which Russia lobbied Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort to do. bridal gowns with bows

Additionally, we will guarantee that women who birth their children alive will be given the option to surrender their babies safe and unharmed without repercussion within 60 days after giving birth to one of thousands of Safe Haven Centers (there are many more than Planned Parenthood abortuaries) located throughout all 50 states, no questions asked - relieving them of the responsibility to spend time, effort, and money further raising their children.

This will help compensate for the significant slow down in U.S. population growth from vastly reduced Illegal Alien immigration and the curtailment in legal immigration from abroad, ensuring that our population, and thus our economy, can continue to grow for many decades to come, reliant primarily upon legal American citizens who will be joyously raised to speak English, adopt American culture, employ our Protestant work ethic, be civic minded, make contributions to church and society, reside here legally under no threat of deportation, and fully embrace our Creator endowed unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness sans government guarantee of the same at taxpayers' expense.

Win-Win-Win; all political persuasions will receive something in return for their assent.