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PLANNING A WEDDING. If truth be told the average couple does not have $4500 to plan a wedding, actually the amount is under $2,000 for the average couple, not unless someone is making a six-figure salary or parents are paying for it. What me and Anthony learned was, it was possible, plus Anthony was literally relocating me with my belongings 72 hours from the night we got married. I told my babe I don't want a ghetto wedding and he said, "let's make it happen girl with our income and we did." We asked for favor from God and it was granted. Omg, the musician we hired Steve, who was a Minneapolis renown saxophone player, who we hired to play, " Here Comes the Bride." after our wedding refused to have us pay him for his part, instead he said it was a wedding gift. Then a renown Gospel choir director and singer, Alexis Love donated her voice as a gift, My God. What me and Anthony had to consider was our living situation and me moving out of state. Our first place was small, but I made it into a home. As time went on God blessed and my husband moved me to where I desired to be, so consider what is before you and your husband; be willing to compromise because you can't do everything all at once, it takes time, patience and prayer. For our wedding my husband worked himself to the bone, to provide all I needed and I worked my creativity from making items to discount stores, to family members, to even utilizing my moms' beautiful reception room in her building, though we had to pay a$ 600.00 deposit for it. It's possible so possible for your special day to be a dream, on the budget that works for you and your soon to be husband. Check online for discounts, boutiques, overseas companies that have excellent reviews, Target, Walmart, Party stores, Dollar Tree, Michaels, a small owned business that sale bridesmaid dresses, men's suits, who caters in your family, your church discounts etc. DON'T FORGET AFTER YOU WALK DOWN THE ISLE, FULL OF PEACE AND LOVE OF SAYING I DO WITH THE ONE GOD CALLED YOU, THAT YOU HAVE TO TAKE THAT LICENSE BACK DOWN TO THE CITY TO BE REGISTERED WITHIN USUALLY 5 DAYS SO IT IS LEGIT. CHECK YOUR STATE.Make sure ladies that you get rest because me and Anthony only got 3 hours of sleep within a 48-hour time span, On top of that, I LEFT MY MAKE UP KIT, YOU KNOW ONE DAY WE ARE DOING SOME OF OUR PICTURES OVER WITH MY LASHES WHEN WE RENEW OUR VOWS, BUT I STILL SAW THE BEAUTY OF WHO WE WERE IN THEM. MOST OF ALL THE LOVE AND PRESENCE OF THE LORD WAS FELT AT OUR WEDDING, SURROUNDED AROUND BEAUTIFUL FOLKS. BLESSINGS civil wedding dress