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Went to the Higi station at Frys;

Weighed myself: Lost four pounds

Checked fat to lean muscle ratio: Gained body fat.

The point? The number on the scale is a good baseline, a good tool for measuring changes in your body. Sudden or dramatic drops or rises in weight can diagnose disease, deficiencies, and other illnesses. Also, if you're 5'5" and over 200 pounds, a few pound fluctuation isn't going to erase the fact that you're probably overweight.

The scale can give you a good IDEA of where you are health-wise.

However, if your goal is a healthier lifestyle, then solely trying to lower that number is missing the point. The point is to lower BODY FAT, not water or lean muscle. While your weight can give you a good idea of where you are, it can't differentiate between fat, water, or muscle.

If my loss/gain information can tell you anything, it's to think about the big picture. If I had only weighed myself, I wouldn't be aware of a problem. I haven't been living very healthy, and the weight loss could have made me think it was worth it. The body fat analysis showed me that I still need to make changes. It can also work the other way. Have you ever felt disheartened by weight gain? So many things can make you gain a few pounds here and there; it doesn't mean you're not succeeding! coast style bridesmaid outfits

I've droned on and on without knowing how to end this. So, in closing, weight is a good tool, but there's a bigger picture when it comes to health.