crop top cocktail gowns

fq: When do kids usually stop napping? My daughters are 1 1/2 and 2 1/2, both of them have been absolute terrors for naps especially when it's me at home. If my Sil babysits they nap, it it's my husband watching them they sleep but if it's me they don't and it's making me so frustrated. They are tired they rub their eyes and get grumpy and I can tell they are tired. We get up in the morning and play and eat and they usually go down between one and two. Sometimes I try earlier crop top cocktail gowns ... to see if they are just overtired by two but nope it doesn't matter what time I put them down they refuse. Any advice? I really want them to nap, I'm 17 weeks pregnant and just want to sleep when they sleep but I can't cause they refuse. And I can't lay with them til they go to sleep it never works they just stay up and try to play with me so that's not gonna happen either. But any help please!?


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