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Dear Julian O'Brien,

Surfing has always had culture of searching for the "ultimate" wave and always will. The people that live at any location get a limited number of times a year to surf their local spots in optimum conditions due them needing specific swell/wind direction, tides, swell periods and even a few random "x" factors which makes it quite a unique sport in the fact that conditions determine everything.
As most spots vary in these conditions every day there are only limited options and growing numbers of surfers. Some spots need conditions that rarely occur and so when you or anyone else posts pictures naming locations all it takes is a few clicks on your track pad and you have such conditions at your fingertips meaning you can guarantee you know where they are going to be next time these weather conditions occur. designer collections for wedding in short
Prior to pictures being posted there was only word of mouth, it was those with a sense of adventure and willingness to put in the time that would find out if the stories of great surf at a particular location were true. But people like your self and your only one of many that have well and truly put an end to this.
Now I'm not sure if you're a surfer yourself or not but the majority of these locations you post pictures of are over reef and are very dangerous. Some places have only one spot the size of a bedside table that lets you catch the wave safely, so when you increase numbers you also increase the risk of injury ten fold.
So when this starts to occur and people with no respect for the people who live there come and make life dangerous, difficult and unenjoyable it doesn't take the brightest spark in the world to work out why such anger is directed towards promoting locations all over the news and social media. I hope this has shed some light on your incredibly poorly researched and written article.

Yours in disbelief

Michael Hopkins