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In the Philippines, our carabao cheese can actually become Mozzarella IF developed and produced well. Our goat cheese can produce Cheddar, Gouda and Brie.

Healthy, well managed livestock like poultry, produce eggs as by-products, and ... with goats and cows, we have milk and cheese.

In managing farms, let's not forget livestock and the by-products that can be commercialized from them if we manage livestock responsibly. In short, don't treat livestock like a factory product ... ion. Free-range, healthy livestock fed on organic food is best.

Then, like the cacao business ... integrate the value chain, so we can look at the possibility of having quality Philippine cheese. After all, we're familiar with our very own Kesong Puti.

This video is an inspirational one because it shows ... what's not common or known in the cuisine culture of a country ... can be in demand with quality and the right marketing to the right people. dresses to wear to a wedding

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