extra sized items with sleeves to wear of the wedding

I have been arguing over these animals for a couple days. The Wolf, love them or hate them, they are a apex predator, one of the tops in their food chain. In the 90s when they "re-introduced", and I use that term lightly, a part of me was ecstatic about their presence in Wilderness.
Shortly after their placement in Yellowstone, I moved east for a time. When we came back to Wyoming we were caretakers at a very remote ranch at the end of the road in the Gros' Ventre, and rememb ... er the excitement the first time I saw a big black wolf run across the ridge.
I still love them, but also love the other wild things that make up my life, my art and my menu. Yes I am a hunter. But I am also a realist, and realize that we need balance. We are on a spinning orb in space that is balanced on a very fine axis, we take away here, we take away there, then the balance is off. extra sized items with sleeves to wear of the wedding
Did I mention We? Yes us Humans, the smart ones with the special appendage, the ones who are really out of balance.
You want To hate the wolves, or hate the wolf killers, that is up to you, and on your conscience. But hate breeds hate, and hate is what TRUELY sets us apart as the APEX PROBLEM on this spinning top we call home. Wolves kill, and wolves love they're young and their pack, but they don't hate.

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