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1. Military staff have free healthcare which is great but the cost is ridiculous. Transgender people need constant treatment before and many after transition. Transition itself would be an incurred cost for the military.In short the decision cuts costs.
1. Transgender people have a suicide rate of 40% which is terrible which means at least 2/5 of transgender people aren't mentally fit for combat.

3. This is kind of a continuation of 2. With a suicide rate of 40% transgender p ... eople gain a inflated chance of suicide considering the suicide rate of vets and off tour troops.

4. Technically since the vast majority of transgender individuals are suffering from a mental disorder they should be spared any extremely stressful situations the same as anyone else with mental illness/disorders.

5. The military medical staff are experts in the realm of bodily injury and mental health. Transgender people require specialist medical care which the military don't have. The military would be forced to hire specialist medical care for transgender people if they allow them to serve thus increasing cost. formal party garments for teen girls

6. Since the military aren't equip to with the necessary conditions or medical care for transgender people they leave themselves wide open for lawsuits if something happens that require specialist transgender care thus they are eliminating liability.

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