green evening party selections

I completely and 100% agree with this.

Just because you have children doesn't mean your a nun and need to wear a turtle neck, high wasted pants, and tennis shoes 365 days a year so nothing shows.

Anyone who has EVER had a baby knows the feeling of being uncomfortable after the baby. Your body will never be the same, your hips may have gotten wider, you might have stretch marks, you might have a scar from c section, you don't lose the "baby weight" and you just feel disgusting. You look at pictures before your baby and think "I will never look like that again"
I was fortune to lose my "baby weight" with my daughter but I might not be so lucky the next time and might have to actually work it off. But I have still dealt with mental and physical issues since having my daughter in January with being self conscious. Ask my husband, he deals with my break downs on a daily basis while I'm getting ready for whatever. I've had people tell me "you look great for just having a baby" but in my head I'm second guessing their comment and wondering if their saying that because that's what you say to all mothers after giving birth. I'm asking myself do I really look great? green evening party selections

It's completely fine to dress up and feel comfortable in your own skin. It's completely fine to drop your children off with a baby sitter and go relax and have fun every once in awhile. It's completely fine to put on a short dress, high heels, get your hair and make up done and pretend your in your own little world with no responsibilities for a night.

I've had people ask me when I've been out why I'm out because I have baby or where is my daughter?
Well for one it's none of your damn business but let me explain I'm a 24 year old mother who needs a break also. For two, my daughter is in a safe environment with either my mother or Shawns mother who are both very great grandparents and are more than capable of making sure my daughter is alright. For three, I ALWAYS check on her more than once when she's not with me and I ALWAYS make sure to go get her in the morning whether I feel like it or not.

Your a mother; not a nun, not a dead person, your life isn't over just because you have children. Your life has just begun.
# StopHatinFelicias