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This stings...but here we go...In 2014 I had lost 20lbs...ended up gaining that back plus 20 more. I wasn't happy with myself for my brother's wedding in 2015, and our trip to Jamaica that Nov, and crying in the dressing room at Champaign Kohls in December bc I couldn't believe I had to go up another size. (The left pic is Oct. '15, center is Dec. '15.) Fast forward to May '16 and I told myself I wasn't going to feel that way for next family wedding. The day after Memorial Day (May 31, 2016) I started my "diet". Basically I quit soda, watched what I ate, drank hot green tea, and chased toddlers. Goal was to lose the 40lbs and get back in the jeans I had from the first weight loss. Thanksgiving that year latest spring wedding collections Sarah and Scott got engaged and I was down 50lbs. I was ecstatic but terrified bc there was 8 months until the wedding and it could all come back.

So last weekend was not only one heck of a good time and we officially gained a brother in law (even tho we already called him that)....but was also my original deadline. I was down 60 lbs from when I started end May of last year and had kept it off.

My purpose for this post is bc there was a time I was ready to quit about half way through and someone made a similar post on here and that pushed me to keep going. I hope this can help someone else in the same position.