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I keep hearing that long distance relationships don't last and I'm like makawhy? (Did I get that spelling right?)

There is always a general belief about some topics but your own personal belief around it is what matters.

Some people say good men are scarce, good women have not been born, sex is the proof of love and so many other opinions which you have to be careful not to embrace as a truth.

On this first day of 7 Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Alive, the first thing to consider is your mindset and foresight.

What do you personally think about long distance relationships?

Does it work or not?

Whatever your answer is will be true for you.

If you believe it doesn't work, every little disagreement will lead to fear over a break up.

Just in case you don't know what a long distance relationship means, it means when two partners in a relationship are in two different locations like Abuja and Lagos or Ghana and USA.

Before you can embark on having such relationships, you must first believe in it.

Last week, I had a discussion with a lady who was scared that her partner was traveling out of the country. Her fears was around the fact that it may not continue again.

Some long distance relationships have worked and some have not worked, it all depends on the people involved.

Some people change and chase other things or people when distance sets in.

So if you want to enjoy the tips I will be giving you for this period of 7 days, I need you to choose a positive mindset.

Your mindset determines how hard you work towards it.

If you have had one that didn't work or have friends whose relationship didn't work, it's because the partners didn't make it work, not because it cannot work.

So, today's tips are:

1. Erase the negative beliefs and focus on how to make it work.

2. Sit down with your partner to discuss on the quality of your relationship and what they think about making it work. If your partner doesn't have faith in the relationship, it might be difficult to implement the great ideas. long sleeve lace mermaid wedding dress

3. Have a vision for the relationship. Having a compelling vision for your relationship matters more even if it's not a distance relationship. Have an end in mind i.e, where will this relationship lead to?

4. Determine in your mind that it's either it works or works. If you feel that you can give up on yourself, that will be another issue.

What questions do you have around this myth of it can't work?

What did you learn today?

Don't forget to join me tomorrow and also tag your friends to learn.