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OK, I'm sick to death of memes. Sure, a few are funny, but I'm fairly certain that 99% of the ones intended to present some fact or another are utterly wrong.

Case in point: I have seen repeated memes about how stupid "detoxing" is, and making fun of it, so I'm going to present a few facts and an analogy.

Fact: The human body has several different organs intended to cleanse various aspects of human function: the liver, the kidneys, the lower intestinal tract, and the skin.


Analogy: The car has several bits that are intended to cleanse various processes in the engine: Air filter, oil filter, fuel filter.

Fact: If you do not clean or replace the filters in your car, it dies. Depending on which filter one does not replace, the car will die in a variety of different ways.

Fact: The skin, one of the major filter/excretory systems, is cleaned (detoxed) regularly, usually with soap.

Given these various facts combined with that analogy, how stupid is it to NOT engage in some form of cleansing to the various filter organs? I will grant that the act of eating a high fiber diet serves that purpose for the lower digestive tract, but that does not make it an insignificant act.

It's not always enough, especially if you've been eating nothing but beef hamburgers on white bread for years.

Likewise, drinking water (unadulterated water, with no sugar, no flavorings, no bubbles) is a method to clean the kidneys.

It's not always enough, especially if you've developed protein or mineral deposits in your kidneys.

There are plenty of people that do neither of those things.

The liver is not so simple, especially if you've been consuming a great amount of sugar or alcohol, both of which cause a fatty liver, also known as cirrhosis of the liver.

None of these things is a death sentence unless one does not attempt to find ways to correct the condition. Granted, I'm not suggesting falling for every "detox" on the market--many of them are scams. However, real research will reveal that there are legitimate, safe ways to do it, and usually they're much cheaper (and easier) than the detox scams. off the rack wears for bridesmaid

I think if I see another person criticizing the concept of cleaning the body's filters, I will unfriend them and block them for their sheer ignorance and stupidity. It's your body--you should actually learn something about it.

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