old Hollywood wears for prom party

We headed back into the hospital this morning for a checkup. On the way Avery was sick in the car even managing to hit the back of my seat and get some in my hair!
So of course as soon as we arrived we met with the dietitian (no time to clean up) and she is happy with how Averys feeds are going. One of the biggest pests for me is the feed can't hang for more than 3 hours then I need to change the bottle, so it's like having a baby again I am up all night. old Hollywood wears for prom party
Our oncologist is ... also happy with how Avery is doing. Some of her meds needed to have the dose changed though other than that we just keep doing what we're doing.
Dave and the kids are stuck at home with no power now for over 24 hours due to all the flooding. It should be another 24 hours till it comes on again and he can free the car from its garage prison and come down to visit Avery and I.
It has felt like a very big week!

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