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A Caregivers Guide to Medical Abbreviations:

AMS: Altered Mental Status (that time your loved one thought their foley was actually their oxygen tubing)
AAD: Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea (the reason you have full PPE in your home)
PPE: Personal Protective Equipment (gloves, face masks, drapings, etc. Not to be confused with the stun gun or tranq dart; typically stands for 3-5 IP, or In Prison) ...
ABD: Army Battle Dressing (or, Apply Pressure and Hope For The Best)
ABX: Antibiotics (the usual remedy for AMS secondary to infection such as UTI or Pneumonia)
AMA: Against Medical Advice (what you signed that time you made the ER physician nervous after bringing your loved one in for labs and wanting to be discharged home for F/U) on sale wedding apparels With long sleeves
F/U: Follow Up (Not to be confused with FU)

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