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So lots of you have been asking how's stuff going with my back and all. I never really had a good definite answer till today after I had my appointment with pain management. I'm not one to do posts like this but I figured this will answer all those wondering where things are.

Unfortunately, it's more severe than anticipated. I knew I had a bulged disk of some kind, I did not know that it was actually 2 bulged disks and one of them is pretty bad. Doctor pretty much described that one as a time bomb and the culprit of all my pain from my lower back down through my leg (sciatic). If this nerve goes out, I'm in for a world of pain. Apparently I've been in that realm of danger for awhile now.

The severity of the compressed nerve convinced the doctor to shoehorn me in for an appointment tomorrow morning for the first rounds of epidural injections. Normally I'd have been waiting a full week to get in and at the same time I'd be doing physical therapy. No PT and they want the injections done ASAP. That's the severity of it all. The hope is these will get the pressure off of the nerve that's being compressed, relieve the pain, and get me out of danger of more damage and injury. If this doesn't work, then it's possible surgery. I guess I've been pretty lucky so far that I haven't torn myself up more than I already have. over size wedding wears in mermaid trumpet style

On top of the injections, I'm going to be on pretty restrictive duty at work and elsewhere. It stinks. You all know me and what I do for a living and what I do for fun. I love both of those worlds. For at least the next month, possibly longer, I'm going to have to take it easy. Already had the necessary talks with parties involved at work. No worries. I'll be back to work Monday, just not behind a shovel or working in the field for a bit. As for the paintball world, same thing. I've got time to get me where I need to be before the next game. And hey, there's always tanks needing gunners.

Wish me luck for tomorrow. I will be going in wearing a Blackcat shirt so the doctor and nurses will know how this will be going down!