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GAMERTAG: Ark Realm Est
Taming 10 (will change to 5 on rented server)
Map: Ragnarok
Gathering 10 (will drop to 5 on rented server)
Crop growth 1 ( build a greenhouse) ...
Resource respawn instant
Player weight 1point = 300
Experience 3
Flyer speed 209%
Server type pvp
Egg Hatching 100 have food ready
Mature 10
Mating 3.367 3days 7hours
Baby cuddle interval multiplier 0.699 2:30min
Poop inter 3.1
Cave flying: on
Player harv 0.6
Dino hp regen 3.0
Player hp regent 3.0
Player food water drain 0.6
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Rules in
1.Clean your trash: all broken down buildings must be removed by the tribe that owns them. The administrator will force claim Foundation and place a sign on it and give it a kill date.
2.bashing the server publicly in chat or any other public site will get you immediately banned from the server.
3. Absolutely no brontosauruses are allowed
4. We are equal opportunity server discrimination against someone's sexuality, religion, or disability or Race, will immediately be ban.
5. Inappropriate tribe names or player names you will be asked to change it
6. We will be switching to the rentable servers mid September.
7. Administrators are only active on the following Mondays and Friday night.
8. Administrative logging will be turned on
9. There only be two administrators.

PVE mode will start this Sunday at 6 o'clock p.m. Eastern Standard Time in will end Wednesday at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time the ability to pick up people will be turned off during this time. But this is not your normal PVE people use this time to build grind and get their base to the best they can. For any questions please comment below. plus size maid of honor dresses

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