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The mourning Show XXL 3x3'
MF's want a show huh.. you want a playlist. MF I got you this Dragon Cough Scale Cold... Now you wanna play VICTImmy Goat. Yeah Bitch Do That. Do That. HAMc.

It's BloodSport any port in a swarm I warned you roof goofs to give me the goods now it's understood you burnt this bridge you cunt.
I floss like I bought diamond teeth and all your backs i can reach like an uncle bucks a pancake pie won.

No MF's your second place grey cupped in a sippy toddler chair and I this nugget nigg twigged bow string is aware without a doubt or a scare.
Like a cold I pair at the head of an MC SC table because I brought the Cain to Ma Able HMA player.

Grandma the Hammer like a hamster under the mattress I got my own silver tongue spitting on the rhythm of you and all of your voter beeps.
You wanna yell mark when I park bitches I be iron man and you all wish you wood like driftwood barks?

My choice wasn't mine I was self nominate to weigh it and maintain as Boss the press I sent scent dents on your VW hatch back herpe the love bug.
I stepped in shit like you fail to admit I got mad libs on my dick you wanna quit my SC bitches show a love.

Speak the truth I'm Ruth Less stir up the po poor you pot on a microdot acidic splash of your own throne throw it up on a wake up and fuck eyebrows up.
Stupid Chick you had the best and you wanted a son who won't get the chair like you aren't even there.

Jews and Goats sold Anti-hero boats on re most control for a toll I mould the hearts an minds of the cold thanks daddiowes the ol School choice shit.
Owen munny for my mummy tummy I'm so golden yet bummy my edible shit won't let you pass the knits.

Sew this see that you wanted what? Well I killed that mutt for the cancer because 7Up and I'm the best dressed in the field and I bag you like Ziplock.
Toe tags skin rashes fatherless and the son we ate that MF like a honey roasted Pagen pig big old ham hock.

Ma and Pa kettle Kelly didn't want me for a son because I was the blackest sheep in the pen my padlocks were black like my dog cage I grew up in.
Sun Dawg like a ring in the sky C'wood like a Jack lemon creamfill Walter Math How Pie cat fisher pumpkin.

The Lawn on the pawn the meadow and the Jayden gone like they Mums got problems and you believed your own feed like a med bag on this horse trick.
I bleed for temporary greed and seed this need with Medicaid aids and bananas on the PAM like non stick.

Slow cooker deep fried iHeed iGreed green eye goblinguistic gramma nazi on a fonzy I bear now a wolf chef like your around the proud of carry home meth.
I got the best I am the beast in your yeast seats the cheap seats on Tuesdays galaxy theatre like suitcase death.

Tasty erase Me? Not for you doe doe n you can be extinct tinctures of my fire fox inbox goldy locks tube socks on rocks I got a blue daughter and a dolly boss.
The cost of da loss is your Ma's soul tossed in a lake of sulphur old piss and shit holy wouldn't wood that sauce.

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Fuck with mine again and I'll get all Max'd out off the axis and precious gems taxes. I got your back like a taxi set baby wipe on a midnight trip to the 13th I got Halloween kills like Michael Myers ice cram like Bryers. Fuck Boston Fuck the last Goat I am the Third Times the Sex Charmed yo. Save it for the necks or help this protext. plus size maternity wedding dresses
I give what you get. I get what I deserve.