prom apparels With Keyhole cut out

You should make time to watche this! And well this is only a very small part of why:

"Upset, I sat on a bench and thought about how unkind fate was to me - It always threw up new problems.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a little boy. He sat down next to me and said: 'Look what I found'!


He was holding some kind of weed. I pretended I hadn't heard - I didn't have time for him.

But he moved closer and raised the flower to his nose: 'It smells good! It's for you'!

I had no interest in his flower but I took it, otherwise the boy wouldn't have left me alone.

I glanced at him - He was blind.

I thanked him for the flower. 'You're welcome'! He smiled and ran off.

He would never know that he changed me.

It's not about life being unfair, the problem was with me. I was blind and I didn't realize the truth: My problems aren't really problems. prom apparels With Keyhole cut out

It's amazing how complete strangers can change our lives!"

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