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Dress Sense and Style Approach
For Ladies
The average African woman loves to
look good and dress well at all times,
Coming down to the Nigerian scene,
the Nigerian lady is stylish when it
comes to dressing up for an occasion. Piecing two items of clothing
together with matching accessories
is a skill that is learnt even from an
early age, no wonder the country has
produced great fashion designers,
Tiffany Amber, Deola Sagoe, Dakova, Momo, Frank Oshodi and a host of
others. Most of whom are well
recognised in the international
fashion scene. Having said that, lets bring the issue
home to our individual wardrobe.
Most of us love to look through a
fashion magazine and appreciate the
new fashions and styles but very few
would go out and invest in them. We buy clothes that appeal to our innate
sense. And we hardly give a passing
thought as to why we choose the
clothes that we do. Dressing right is more complicated
than just putting to pieces of clothing
together. It is about knowing colours
that complement your skin tone,
style and cuts that fit well with our
various body shapes, When and where to wear these outfits to as
well as how to accessorize these
outfits for that elegant and unique
look. These are questions that we
should put into consideration when
shopping for a new wardrobe or adding to what is already available. These are also some of the issues we
will be addressing as we go on. It is no news that the fashion trend
this days varies depending on what
you are wearing and when. It is
interesting to note however, that the
the sixties and seventies fashion
style is back in full force with little or no modification add to it. One thing you should bear in mind is prom dresses for short girls
that LESS is MORE and QUALITY over
QUANTITY. In other words the quality
of what you intend to purchase
should come before considering the
quantity itself and goes for style; know how to accentuate your curves
while still maintaining a great level of
modesty. There two major aspect of dressing,
the western and the traditional
aspect. Lets start with the western
aspect. Under this you have the
colors and dress style. We all have our favourite colours
whether we accept it or not. Take
one look at your wardrobe and you
will realize that most of your clothes
fall within a specific colour range. It is
good to understand colours and how they complement you. The Blue colour is a colour that is
usually associated with calmness,
trust, intelligence, loyalty and
strength-it has a soothing and calm
effect. Some however attribute blue
colours to masculine things particularly clothes. Yellow is another colour that depicts
happiness, warmth, festivity and
cheerfulness. Red is also associated with with
power, energy, strength, danger,
passion, love authority and
confidence. Other colours like purple is
associated or linked with royalty, soft
browns, green radiate warmth as
well. There are also neutral colors like
grey, white and dark brown; these
colours are cool and classy too. So when choosing colours for fabrics,
chose the one that complements and
enhances your skin tone. I've found
out that bright colours particularly
primary colours complements those
with dark skin tones. Like the saying goes: "different
strokes for different folks", same
goes for the different body shape and
structure. Your dress sense should be
determined by your overall body
structure. You need to identify what cut of clothes will best suit you.
Different dress styles suits different
kinds of people. The most common rule that applies to
all people is that vertical stripes
make a person look taller while
horizontal stripes will give a broad
effect. Larger prints are more
attention grabbing as compared to subtler smaller prints. Tops that have
printed designs around the neck or
shoulders will make the shoulders
appear broader. For ladies that are curvaceous,
accentuate your curves without over
emphasizing them. Wear close fitted
tops that floats over the hips and
bottom, tailored jacket with nipped
waist line that stays just over the hip. Go for monochromic ensembles with
sleeves and designs around the neck
and shoulders to give the shoulders a
broad look. Avoid wearing baggy
clothes especially baggy pants, don't
wear tops that stops at the widest part of the hip. Tall and slim ladies fit into just about
anything with no problem at all,
however, figure hugging clothes like
skinny jeans, straight cut trousers-
tops and skirts are a perfect fit for
you. Horizontal stripped shirts and t- shirts are ideal to minimize the length
of the torso. Jersey tops are ideal for
this category of ladies. Turtle neck
tops helps to visually shorten the
For ladies on the petite side - when
choosing a dress, go for something
short or at least a little above the
kneel to make the legs look longer.
Stay away from midi clothes
particularly gowns and skirts because it cuts the leg into two
halves and visually makes you look
shorter. Bootleg tailored pants worn
over heels gives the appearance of
long legs. Learn to complement your dressing
with the right kind of accessories,
whether earring, bracelets, bangles,
belt, shoes and bags. Go for what
complements your style and

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