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Tigdas hangin or roseola infantum is explained by pediatrician Dr. Minette Reyes-Bautista.

Q: What is tigdas hangin? How is it treated and how can my child avoid it?

A: Tigdas hangin is roseola infantum, a viral rash. The condition starts with a high-grade fever for three to five days, with or without cough or colds. Twelve to 24 hours from the time the fever disappears, tiny red rashes appear around the child's torso.


Paracetamol and a lot of fluids are necessary to address the fever. No treatment is necessary for tigdas hangin since it is due to a viral cause and is self-limited (it will just run its course). There are no straightforward measures to prevent the particular condition, but proper hygiene and a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables are necessary to prevent the illness. sequined prom selections with rose gold

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