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Idaho BDR. Gear that worked, gear that didn't. Long post.

Gear That Worked:

1. Cyclops TPMS. This is a brilliant product that gives you real time tire pressure readings as you ride. If your tire pressure gets low you get an alarm. If your tire temp gets too high you get an alarm. It came in handy 3 times. Guys got a puncture, the system alerted them as the tire deflated and they were able to stop and make repairs before the tube was destroyed.

2. Nemo Chain Oiler. An on-demand chain lubing system. Instead of applying chain lube at the end of the day, I was sipping a tall cool one under the awning. The other guys were busy spraying lube. It's simple to operate - give the reservoir a 1/4 turn and the chain lubes itself for 3 minutes. I went thru about 8 ounces of lube in 2500 miles.

3. Cyclops LED headlights and driving lights. I know it seems silly to run high beams and driving lights during the day, but it serves a purpose other than conspicuity for cagers. When my buddies had their Cyclops blazing away I could do a quick check in my mirror and confirm they were back there somewhere. One bike had stock halogen lights and he was basically invisible.

4. Moto-Grill. Attaches to the side of the pannier, serves as a cooking and work surface when you don't have a picnic table. We used it several times as our camp kitchen. We never cooked over an open campfire but it can do that too.

5. CyclePump Tire Inflator and EZAir Gauge. 'Nuff said. We used them throughout the journey. Filling tires after flats, airing-up when we hit the pavement. Lifetime Warranty, Top Choice Award from Motorcycle Consumer News.

6. CyclePump Tire Repair Kits. Vulcanizing strings for the 1 guy with tubeless tires, vulcanizing patches for the tubes. Don't settle for cheap gummy worms or patches that use rubber cement. Vulcanizing repairs are the way to go.

7. SOG Camp Hatchet. We had to blaze a new trail at one point because the track led us into an impassible swamp and thru a mini-forest. The SOG hatchet and a Sven saw made short work of things. Unfortunately I had sharpened the hatchet to a razor's edge, and one moment of carelessness caused a cut on my throttle hand.

8. Cycle Wipes. Lens and face shield cleaners. We went thru a bunch of them clearing our gear of bugs and trail dust. The resealable packs are nice.

9. Ortlieb Waterproof RackPacks. Been using them for years, will continue using them as long as I ride. They keep gear dry, they keep gear clean. The roll-top seal seals out the weather and other bits. I used two small RackPacks, one on the top of each pannier, and a larger one on the rear rack.

10. BestRest TireIron BeadBrakR. Breaks the beads on any tire. We used it when we had to make a tire repair. Once the bead was free the spoons were used to peel the tire off the rim. The BeadBrakR is the equivalent of a commercial tire shop in a pouch.

11. MSR Water Filter. The MSR AutoFlow Gravity model with a 2-liter bladder. We'd collect water from a stream or lake, hang the bag on a nearby tree, then fill our CamelBaks and water bladders for the day's ride. Water filtration is important. You won't find potable water where we were riding. Smaller pump-type filters would take too long to handle the amount of water we needed. short length wedding bridal wears look mini

12. Gloves. Racer Gloves USA "Mickey" model. I just wrote a report on those gloves. Love 'em.

13. Sena communicators. Regardless of what model, or what brand you choose, having bike-to-bike comms is important. The lead rider could give us a heads-up on the things he encountered around the corner, and we could take evasive action. Being able to listen to music as we rode was an added bonus.

14. Tires. I had TKC-80's on my BMW 800GS. They performed great but they wear quickly. After seeing how a set of Moto-Z Tractionators performed on exactly the same trails, and how much more tread they had at the end of the journey, they're gonna be my next set.

15. Tire Changing Mat. When you're working on a tire on the ground in the middle of the forest, you need a clean surface like the TCM. It also doubles as a doormat in front of your tent. The storage pouch can hold a BeadBrakR and other tools.

More to follow, including the things that DIDN'T work.