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This is my first chapter of my Adult Fiction: Ice Cream Love ! Some content may not be suitable for children. Also all the people from the original post will be tagged in the comments of this one! tell me if you like it! Also, please dont criticize my grammar. I went back and proofread a bit but it is readable ! ENJOY!

~ Ice Cream Love
~ By J. Palmer

Chapter 1

The humid air scorched my face when I stepped out of my car. My body was feeling just the same and i couldn't take it anymore. As i walked up to the ice cream shack i pretty much started to drool. I couldn't wait to sink my tongue in to that sweet vanilla swirl. Waiting in line i became anxious. I just wanted to cool my body down from this scorching hot day, but then i realized everyone else wanted the same thing. Before i knew it, it was my turn to order. "Yes one large vanilla cone swirl and throw some sprinkles on it!" I give the woman my $2.50 and she makes my cone. "Cmooon", i whispered to myself. She spins the vanilla on the cone, gradually making it to the top. My eyes widen as she hands me the cone. "Thank you so much!" I say as she smiles. I turn around and I take a firm bite with my lips and my body gets goosebumps. "Mmmm this is what I've been waiting fo-" A large body collides with me slipping my vanilla swirl on the person. " WHERE YOUR..." I have to look up just to see who it is. I'm met by a very tall woman who has to be over 200 lbs. She has long black hair stretching down to her breasts. I look up into her bright green eyes that magnify in the sunlight. A soft voice emits from her lips. "Oh no! I'm so sorry! I..." I now notice she lost her cone in the collision as well. I sigh. "It's okay i wasn't...". "No no", she interrupts. "It was my fault i was too busy eating MY cone". I can hear her honesty in her voice and i feel remorse. "Here i can buy you a new one" she insists. "Wow thanks!" I say as she takes a couple bucks out of her back pocket. I take a good look at her. Her body is massive, she looks about 6'0'' and has some really big breasts. They poke out of her dress and the cleavage makes her hair brush to the sides. Her obese body figure looks like its mostly in her lower body. She has really big thighs and hips. As she walks by me to the ice cream shack he butts wobbles back-and-forth. I can feel my hormones shoot through my body. Her body figure looks amazing and i really want to know more about her. She seems nice. I mean, she offered to buy me another ice cream she HAS to be nice. As she walks back i check her out even more. Her lips are perky and her thighs rub against each other as she walks closer. Her breasts sway back and forth as she rushes toward me with my vanilla cone. "Here you go!" I reach for the cone. "You know you didn't have to do that", I explain as i take a large bite of it. I'm not dropping it this time. She wipes the stain off her shirt but only just barely. I have some stain remover in my car but im reluctant to offer it to her. I'm just afraid she might not accept it. She seems frustrated that the stain won't come out completely. I take another bite of ice cream and offer her the remover. "Hey i have something for that in my car. It's the least i can do since you bought me another cone." Her face lights up and she smiles. "Okay!" We get to the car and i reach in my glove box and pull out the Tide spray. As i get out the car, I am met by something soft on my back, it's her stomach. "Ooff". She moves back a bit and i quickly turn around feeling my face get warmer. "Sorry about that.", i say as i hand her the spray. She giggles softly and takes the spray and applies it to the stain. "Wow this stuff really works!" The stain vanishes and she gives me a warm smile. "You can keep that. i have plenty more at home", I say to her. "Wow! Thank you! Ya know, I'm really clumsy so this stuff will come in handy in the future", she explains. I agree with her but not im not going to say it out loud, but for some reason i really want to get to know her more. She seems like someone i could, open up to i guess. I never really had anyone close to me lately and well, i guess im looking. "So uh, what's your name", i ask finishing my cone. "Its Natalia. But you can call me Nat", she says giving me a wink. "Oh, my names Adam", i say brushing my shoulder nervously. Gosh, its been so long since i talked to a random girl before. Why am i so nervous about this? Is her beauty rubbing off on me? "So do you live close to here?", she asks cutting of my train of thought. "Uh yeah actually just around the block here". I point in the direction i came. "Oh i live that way too! Do you want to give me a ride home?". I pause. Wow this could be my change to get closer. I cant pass this up. I agree and we get into my SUV. spaghetti evening gowns
"Wow this car is nice!". Nat says, frantically looking around and the new car. "Yeah ! i actually just got it not to long ago. I work from home and i make a decent amount of money" I look over at her and notice her many piercings in her left ear as well as some sort of tribal tattoo behind her ear. What does that mean? Nat gets curious and opens the glove box. "Is that a gun?". I choke on the break and slam the door shut. "Yes but you didn't need to see that". "Are you a gangster?", she asked. "Uh No!", i say laughing. "Its just a little rough where i stay. You can't trust anyone over here" Nat gazes at me. She seems a little worried and peers down at herself. "Yeah i can understand what that feels like..." We pull up to her apartment complex and i put the car in park. I look up at her only to find her crying next to me. My stomach drops and im instantly worried. "Nat what's wrong?" i ask. "I have no friends... no one to talk to. I just want someone to help me trough my loneliness...". Is she serious? Where is this coming from. "Hey it's going to be okay. I can be here for you." Can i really? We've only just met. I want to get close to her but what can i make of this? I have to help. "I know we just met and im sorry you had to see me like this but..." I put my hand on her leg. "Don't worry i know what it feels like to be alone. You're not in this by yourself" She sobs, smiles, and wipers her tears. I smile back at her. "Thanks. I appreciate it". She perks her lips and kisses me on mine. Now that was even more unexpected. I slowly kiss her back. "I uh... im sorry" she says. "No its fine", i reply. "Do you want to come inside?" she asks. "It's okay if you don't want to." Say what. Now she wants me to come inside?! It may be the only chance i have to get closer to her and we just kissed...on the first day we met. Maybe she already likes me. I guess i have to take this chance. "Yeah i don't mind. I'm free today". Her face lights up and she smiles really big. "Great!". Nat unlocks the door of my car and steps out. Her butt bounces as she gets out and i stare. Holy shit... I turn off the car and start towards her door. I like watching her body move. It looks glorious. I can't stop thinking about that kiss... it was...mesmerizing... i feel like my mind is moving at a million miles per minute. What's going to happen when we get inside? Why am i getting this strange feeling inside like i just...want to be with her?