strapless prom formal wears

Im going to start off by saying that I love City Chic clothing, the styles and fit are usually fabulous, however (and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this) - your pricing is absolutely ridiculous!! especially for the quality of most of your garments!

Last week I purchased the Embroidered Ava dress online in my usual size L, ended up having to return that as it was wayyyyyyy too small in the bust, so small in fact that I could barely breathe in it. So I returned it and ordered the XL which turns out to be a bit too big, including the sheer mesh at the top of the dress being so huge that it was baggy everywhere and looked horrible.... not sure if I'm just between sizes (although normally I'm a L in all your clothing) or if your sizing is just way off with this dress ?
Now this is not the issue I really wanted to complain about but felt it needed mentioning anyway.
My reason for this post is about your prices and the quality of the clothing.

I got the Ava dress on sale online for $50, which was an ok price for the type of dress it is and one of the main reasons I purchased it as I'm on a budget and cannot afford to pay $100-$200 plus for a dress at the moment. The full price of this dress was originally $179.95, which is absolutely ridiculous considering the appalling quality of this dress!!! The lining / petticoat skirt thing underneath this dress was made from such a horrid, cheap, polyester material and was so uncomfortable and didn't sit right that I had to remove it to make this dress wearable, and after doing that, I then noticed how messy, uneven and just terrible all of the seams inside the dress were - see pic. strapless prom formal wears
Not to mention that the embroidered motifs all over the dress have loose threads hanging off them everywhere however if you cut them off the whole thing is likely to come unraveled.
Overall, the fit of this dress is very odd, and the overall quality including the material used is not nice.

I am so glad I did not pay full price for this dress as it definitely isn't worth it, and frankly I wouldn't have anyway, but the fact that you are charging that much for a dress which is not even made from a nice, quality material to start with for the price, (especially since it's meant to be a more formal type dress) you could at least ensure that it is sewn and finished to a high standard. I feel sorry for anyone who paid full price for this dress, thinking it would be really nice.
I'm wearing this to a black tie even tomorrow, however after that I probably won't be wearing it again.
And just so it's been said, unfortunately this isn't the first time I've experienced this in relation to really poor quality with your clothes, for the price you charge for them.
If you are going to charge such high prices for your clothes, then you need to match the quality, otherwise you are just charging through the nose just because you know that city chic is one of the only places in Aus that plus size ladies can go to get nice clothing.