vintage evening formal wears sales back to 1920s

Episode 30
One and i were doing some window shopping in Ackermans,we went tothe baby section.I picked up a cute black and pink dress
Me:she would look nice in this
One:are you sure its a girl
Me:i want a girl
One:gone mme why dont you go check if its a girl or a boy?
Me:The babby daddy wants it to be a surprise
One:is he coming this weekend?
Me:(putting the dress back)Pizza or chips?
One:are you avoiding my question?
Me:(teary)i dont want to talk about it okay (rubbing my eyes) pizza it is
One:(hugging me)don't cry friend
We walked into Debbonais and ordered tripple deck with extra cheese and waited by the table.
One:thanks for the pizza
Me:you know money is not everything? I used to think i will be happy having lots of money but now,i haven't seen Mxo in 3 months and it hurts so much.I want him not his money
One:(feeling sorry for me)sorry
Me:he promised to be a better boyfriend and father if i keep the baby but now..
One:he will come around
Me:(looking at the door)don't look behind you
Me:Teto and some girl,gosh she is cute
One:(looking behind)she is just a yellow bone,she has nothing on us
They walked to the counter,They sat on the table opposite ours.The girl was wearing jeans and a black coat,Teto black jeans and a navy blue jacket.She took out her phone taking his pictures,he smiled sweetly hiding his face with his hand.My heart skipped and my baby started kicking. vintage evening formal wears sales back to 1920s
One:stop looking at them
Me:he looks happy
One:comeone they are just putting up a show for us,ignore them
Me:mind if we go eat at my place
As we were about to leave,Teto stood up and grabbed my hand.He smiled at me and i smild back.
Teto:hey long time
Girl:(extending her hand)hi i am Amani
Teto:this is Peo and her friend One
Me:(fake smile)nice to meet you,we are running late
Teto:can i come to your house later?
Amani: later?
Teto:i havent seen her in a long time,wow you look...
Amani:you look nice
One:lets go
Me:sure later
*** AT HOME ***
I took out juice from the fridge and 2 plates.
One:A re o go chekelang later?
Me:(exited)he said that infront of his girlfriend,kante they are just friends
One:or maybe the girl doesn't mind because you are heavily pregnant,obviously you cant do anything
Me:Ao mma why are you busting my bubbles
One:just don't get your hopes up
Me:yeah you are right,gape am with Mxo now
One:so tell me how is the sex
Me:we have never had sex,last time he came he was in his mood a sa batle
One:so you haven't had sex since last year?
One:is ot okay if you do it with Teto?
Me:medically its okay traditionally i dont know,and look at me am so fat i dont think he will see me like he used to.
One:if he wants to would you say yes?
Me:yeah,ofcourse its not am getting it anywhere
We laughed and ate the pizza.i walked her to the combi stop.On the way i called Mxo and he hung up on me.I called again and a woman answered.Kante wats with women answering other people's phones
Woman:who are you?
Me:i should be asking you the same question
Woman:this is my husband's phone,why do you keep calling him?
I checked if i called a wrong number,novitiate was not
Woman:yes who are you?
Me:tell him Mmagwe Thando called?
I hung up and hurried home,waitse gore nna i always learn the hard way.Felt like and idiot and stupid.He called again and i hung up.He called again
Me:(crying)Mxolisi just leave me alone please,you lied to me
Woman:its not him,he told you he was single?
Woman:we have been married for 3 years now,you are not the first woman he lied to
Me:i am pregnant
Me:yes,he lied to me tell him i never want to see or hear from him again.
Woman:wait wait,how far are you? Where so you live?
Me:i am so sorry i didnt know he was married
Woman:if you had known then what would you have done?
Me:honestly i don't know,bye
I hung up and switched off my phone,waits e something are just pure evil,no wonder he never called me or came to visit,that was because he has a family.Someone knocked,it was Teto
Me:(letting him in)you came early
Teto:yeah i just wanted to see you,long time
Me:(closing the door)do you find me attractive?
Me:do you mind if we have sex?
Teto:(choking on his saliva)what?
Me:can we please have sex?
Teto:(laughing)are you serious?
Me:(serious face)dead serious