vintage inspired wedding items in short length

I have been using Sprintec birth control for the past 10 months and never experienced any side effects or problems. This past month, however, when I went to the pharmacy they told me they no longer get Sprintec and I am now takint Mono-Linyah. Not only was it $30 more, about 2 weeks into it I started my cycle, while still on the blue pill. It was a normal period, about 5 days. Then, about 3 days after that, I started bleeding yet again. I'm currently out of blue pills but not taking the white pills because I've already had TWO periods this month??. I have also noticed my emotions are way out of whack... crying for no reason and irritated at everyone. Is this a normal reaction to new birth control? Or should I stop taking the Mono-Linyah and find a pharmacy that will give me Sprintec? vintage inspired wedding items in short length