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Parent Question x

Good evening ladies.

Im currently 19+2 weeks and really need some support. I had cervical cancer in 2014, ive had the all clear and we fell pregnant in june. I've had on going problems with my cervix during pregnancy. I am under Birmingham women's hospital as my local hospitals find my case needed to be referred there. I am having to have weekly cervical lengthening scans as my cervix is getting shorter and if it gets to 2.5cm they will put a stitch in (the ... y want to avoid this as my cervix is already weak and they think this will cause more complications).

Anyway, i have had lots of pains and bleeding from about 14 weeks. Baby is all ok and happy and safe when ive been checked. When i started seeing my consultant at 14 weeks she sat down with us and said that there's something that they cant explain, that happens to cervix's that have suffered malignant cancer, it changes throughout pregnancy and becomes soft far too early. Therefore we will do these weekly cervical lengthening scans and if we measure to short we will pop a stitch in, if its ok we will wait until the next scan and if its too short then we will put a stitch in etc. So we've been going for numerous scans now and it was 3.4cm, then went to 3.1. Now its 2.8. So im starting to worry. vintage rustic collections for wedding in Tea length

I have an appointment on monday to have a density scan. It checks how soft my cervix is, if it is soft they want to give me steroids for baby as im at risk of having baby at 24 weeks.

What i wanted to know if anyone had had similar problems? Anyone had baby this early on and everything been ok? Will my labour be ok? What will happen after shes born? How long will she be in neonatal for? Can i be with her in neonatal as much as i like? Or have i got to stick to hospital visiting? Im sure there are more questions. I just cant get my head around it all.

Thanks x

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