wedding dresses for pregnant brides

WEEKEND STARTER ( Anything in skirt )

"My husband's love for anything in skirt is unrivalled, we have fought , I have begged him, cried over it but all to no avail, at a point I started watching phonographic films to know how to satisfy him but he will just not change , her mother , elderly siblings and our Church Reverend have all talked to him still he continues , my issue with him is not even to do without these girls but to reduce and minimise it . From married to singles, dark to light in complexion, fat to slim, clean to dirty , my Akanni has no 'class' , he once dated the wife of our landlord at a time to the extent that Alhaji Arowolo sent us parking forcefully from his house within 24 hours " wedding dresses for pregnant brides

" Few years ago, Akanni started dating a young lady simply called Peju, despite the fact that Peju's wedding date have been fixed when she met my husband, at a point Peju even threatened to cancel her wedding and be my husband's second wife, but i later got to hear that she change her mind , regrettably Peju picked one of my daughters as her little bride without my consent , it was well planned that i got to know about it all when the little girl came back home in the little bride dress and the program of the wedding "

" Peju was going out with my husband even after having two children for her husband . Along the line Peju became pregnant and delivered a set of twins, however after sometime, the twins became sick and one of them died, the other one was also getting seriously sick to the extent that Peju and her husband visited an herbalist after the hospital treatment proved abortive. Shockingly the herbalist told the two of them that Peju should take the girl to her father's house, both husband and wife went home via different routes "

" Akaani my husband insisted that he will take possession of the baby and marry Peju because according to him Peju's husband had left her in the cold after the revelation at the herbalist house , i heard he is even doubting the ownership of the first two children"

" Now my husband is begging me to accept Peju as his second wife , though I told him I have no problem with that but he is insisting that I am just feigning the acceptance and that he want to physically hand over Peju to me "

" I am in my early fifty with four children and I am a petty trader and most times depend on my husband for financial assistance . Peju is a University graduate though she sells foreign liquor at Molete area of Ibadan , my husband works as a contractor and we live at Apata area of Ibadan "
"Funny enough, the stories I hear about Peju portrays a professional prostitute who visits herbalist homes often . My husband has been hypnotised by her charms lately ,he talks about her all the time , I am afraid that Peju will snatch my husband from me .Please I need your advice desperately "


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