wedding selections in purple

Today was Katie's last day as my intern. As sad as I am that she will no longer be coming over to hang out and work along side me, I'm equally happy to see her stretch out and start her own adventure.

We had some fun times and long talks and more than a few giggles. I saw her production skills improve and got to cuddle her fur-babies when they came to visit and watched her hair grow, literally. I will miss looking over to her side of the desk and seeing her, with headpho wedding selections in purple ... nes on, hunched over her iPad doodling some cute doggos. And when she had must-see youtube videos to share...dang how do these kids do make-up so well?

Congratulations Katie , for sticking through such a grueling and challenging internship *enter sarcasm*, I hope I didn't scare you away from becoming an independent artist. I look forward to hanging out with you as friends and not mentor/intern. And I still think you should give me your kitten.

Good luck and best wishes for Dog Nerd Art - by Katie McIntyre to become a prosperous brand and a fulfilling career!

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