wine colored bridesmaid dresses

we were the craziest skiers on most mountains when younger often getting cheers and atta boys skiing lift lines darkest steepest diamonds doing flips over poles in the mist of the roughest terrain jumping pine over pine cedar trees cars etc 5 from group went pro my parents always felt two much wine women and skiing not good for a boy- some not one with rossi after being number one in world 3 years wine colored bridesmaid dresses

me i was a perfect well behaved son good skier stayed away from wine and women well wine but eventually made up for lost time

one family has a wonderful family business in town sitting in prison his brother told me last year could not get the drinking and driving thing figured out

i don't know of a drug or drink on the planet that could get you higher than this video or dead faster

you know orthopedic surgeons had a secret conventions in sun valley it third year after conception coming from all over the world to gather in little idaho

money how to become very very rich

invest in ski resorts get everyone you know to ski and we will live beyond our wildest dreams putting them back together over and over and over

it had not been surpassed until the brilliant a mad chemist and brilliant ceo with deep pockets we able to pay the fda off for approval of all things opioid-

jackpot they hit pay dirt that dwarfed the cash crop of tobacco no sweating in the field a little to this a little of that a nice press and wamo

having been in medical sales for years i dreaded walking into pain management clinics for feel of being eaten by the smelly dirty zombies waiting for the average pain doc legitimately making 1.200.000 million per year

quit easy not slow laborious helpful exercises and mindfulness to help work thru the pain

and on these pain masking pills injuries increase because pain covered and then back to the ortho which filled the gap where ski areas had moved from middle class to elite

650 a day for a family of 4 on the hill is common

that income common?

course my friend trying to talk me into instructing this year

best of life with friends and family add outdoors, rivers, mountains and fires and well- doesn't get much better no opioids needed

i love my doctors and dentist have rafted and skied with many and the above was strictly artistic license not based on one iota of fact well maybe one:)